Travel Guide: Must-Try Street Foods in Taiwan

You should not miss trying any of these street foods on your next visit to Taiwan!

Updated on August 14, 2017 14:08 pm

Jemma Chiu

must try street food in Taiwan

Taiwan is the perfect destination for travellers craving for an exciting gastronomic experience. Its vibrant night markets—such as the Shilin Night Market and Raohe Street Night Market in Taipei and Huaxi Street Market (Taiwan's first tourist night market)—are heaven for foodies, what with its line-up of food stalls offering interesting and exotic local food.

Make sure to try these amazing street foods when you come to Taiwan:

1. XXL Fried Chicken

xxl chicken in taiwan


Taiwanese know their chicken really well! It would be a total bummer if you leave this destination without trying the XXL Fried Chicken, a huge piece of chicken breast. Breaded and deep fried, it's sprinkled with white pepper, chili, and fried basil powder.

2. Bubble milk tea

bubble milk tea in taiwan


Don't be surprised to see long queues at stalls selling bubble milk teas! For one, bubble milk teas originated from Taiwan. Why try one in a night market in Taiwan? Bragging rights, you know. (And that authentic experience, too.)

3. Stinky tofu

stinky tofy in taiwan


Brave enough to eat something smelly? Try stinky tofu, a popular Taiwanese street food that is basically tofu submerged in a brine of fermented milk, vegetables, and meat. You can have it fried, grilled, or with soup.

4. Taiwanese grilled sausage

sausages in taiwan street food


If you think all sausages are the same, then you have not tried Taiwanese sausages yet. It’s unique because it’s a big sausage slit open with sticky rice and a smaller sausage inside, which makes you eat two sausages!

5. Oyster omelette

oyster omelette in taiwan


This omelette with a twist is served not only in the morning. Taiwan's oyster omelettes is filled with small oysters, thickened with potato starch, and topped with cilantro and a savoury sauce for a completely unique omelette experience!

6. Gua bao

gua bao in taiwan


Also known as “Taiwanese hamburgers," gua bao is flat steamed bread with a slice of stewed meat, pickled mustard greens, cilantro, and ground peanuts.

7. Sweetened fruits

candied cherry tomatoes taiwan


If you want it healthy, go for a bowl of fruits with sweetened shaved ice or candied tomatoes with plums on skewer. Aside from tomatoes, you can also have strawberries or other fruits of your choice.

8. Sun cakes

sun cake in taiwan


Heading to Taichung? Make sure to check out cake shops and look for sun cakes or taiyang bing, Taiwan’s famous pastries with maltose filling.

9. Taro and sweet potato balls

Taro and sweet potato balls in Taiwan


This dessert is a traditional Taiwanese dessert that's popular in the town of Jiufen. It is made of sweet potato, taro, tapioca, and jelly. Choose from a variety of syrup—from ginger tea to red bean—and have it cold or hot depending on the weather.

10. Pig’s blood rice pudding

pigs blood rice pudding in taiwan


Exotic as it sounds, pig’s blood rice pudding will give anyone a truly authentic taste of Taiwanese street food culture. It is sticky rice drenched in pig’s blood and steamed inside wooden baskets. It is then coated with peanut powder and topped with cilantro.

11. Mochi balls


Mochi balls are a staple in the streets of Taiwan and are traditionally filled with peanut or sesame. Today, it comes in different flavours such as green tea or strawberry. These glutinous rice balls also have a soft texture like marshmallows.

12. Pork-wrapped scallions

pork-wrapped scallions in taiwan


Brace the long lines before you can have a bite of pork-wrapped scallions. Scallions are grilled first before it is wrapped in thinly sliced pork.

13. Chicken feet

chicken feet taiwan


Chicken feet, deep fried and often served with chili sauce, are found in almost all night markets in Taiwan. They have very little meat in them, making them a great snack to munch on while drinking beer or simply just as a late night treat for yourself.

14. Oyster vermicelli noodle soup

Oyster vermicelli noodle soup in taiwan


This noodle soup dish, also known as oamisoir, is made of oysters and vermicelli noodles—perfect for those craving for a rich and tasty treat. Have a sip of the flavourful soup that comes with the short, light brown noodles, topped with oysters and cilantro.

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