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Updated on November 08, 2017 11:11 am

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YOLO: Fresh Food to Your Door

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and bland as proven by YOLO, a dynamic fast casual takeaway outlet that offers delicious meals prepared with healthy and wholesome ingredients. Incepted by Mr Alexis Bauduin—who was determined to make healthy eating a fun and tasty affair—he reinvented familiar Asian and Western dishes with healthy ingredients, ensuring that consumers are getting quality food that tastes great and affordably priced.

But what makes YOLO really unique is that the establishment recently unveiled a new personalised daily meal plan service, allowing customers to pick from a selection of eight different daily combos for each of its six calorie targets, ranging from 1,250 to 2,540 calories.

To start, customers simply calculate their daily calorie intake using the calorie calculator on YOLO’s website, and choose from the range of daily combos available.

Sharing with us how the idea for YOLO came about, Alexis says, “Back when I was working at LVMH, I frequently dined out for business meetings, and, most times the food can be a little bit too rich or oily which isn’t very good for the body in the long run. I also realised that success for those restaurants came from their food, but also their atmosphere (look and feel, music) and their staff. Then I started looking into healthy eating and felt that despite offering food that is good for my body, it didn’t deliver in taste and experience level. It was not relatable to the average consumer and came as a compromise. That’s how YOLO came about—I wanted to make healthy eating more relatable to the masses without compromising on taste and experience.”

What sets YOLO apart from other healthy food providers?

YOLO is unique in its space because its mission is to make eating healthy available to everyone as we are Halal-certified and have gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free options. We want to make healthy more mass market and therefore have a very different approach in doing so. People associate healthy eating with salads and vegetarian meals, but our approach is quite the opposite as we offer cooked meals. We take all your favourite dishes, both Western and Asian, and we put our YOLO twist on it to make them healthy, but yet super tasty! We also offer lifestyle-oriented menus such as Shape-Up, Glow, Build and Energise to help you #eatyourgoals. We make nutrition easy for everybody.

What do you think is lacking in our local F&B scene?

Concepts that are similar to YOLO. To be honest, I think Singapore is still at an early stage when it comes to healthy eating. The market is evolving rapidly but there are still a lot of concepts out there perceived as healthy and really are not. Singaporeans will eat very differently in 15 years, so I am expecting the healthy segment to grow very fast.

Must-try items on the menu for first time visitors to YOLO

Miso Salmon is our top seller signature dish. If you build your own, I recommend going for the Peranakan Veggie Curry, which I eat every day, and the cauliflower fried rice. Other popular dishes include Coconut Chicken as well as Arnie’s Meatballs. We have both Western and Asian options here at YOLO, and customers can either choose from our signature dishes or build-your-own (BYO) according to their preferences or dietary requirements.

Miso Salmon w Quinoa, Kailan, and Broccoli

Looking ahead

We want to increase our distribution. We have recently opened our central kitchen in the East and will also open an outlet in Star Vista at the end of September and with that, expanding our delivery zones beyond the CBD area to the eastern, western and central part of Singapore."

We also recently launched our daily meal plan services to make eating healthy easy and more accessible for the mass markets. Customers can simply calculate their required daily calorie intake, and then choose from the combos available in the calorie category closest to them. We are also working to partner with more gyms and health clinics to provide meal plan packages according to their clients’ needs.

12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877
Tel: 65 6221 3029

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