7 Reasons Why Kids Should Take Swimming Lessons

Here are why you should consider signing them up for a swim class

Updated on November 13, 2017 16:11 pm

Stephanie Yee

why children should swim

Swimming is more than just a hobby. It is also an important life skill that children can use throughout their life.

Here are some of the benefits that your kids will reap if they know how to swim:

benefits of children swimming


1. Swimming is a healthy activity.

Swimming is a good way to keep your child fit and healthy because it’s a low-impact aerobic activity that uses every major muscle of the body. Aside from getting their heart pumping, it can also improve their balance and posture, aid in weight loss, and reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

2. It can keep them safe.

According to the World Health Organization, the highest drowning rates are among children aged 1 to 4 years, followed by children 5 to 9 years. Drowning is also the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. Teaching your kids how to swim keeps them safe in the water and this is one less thing for you to worry about when they grow older.

swimming improves the health of your kids


3. Swimming helps develop strength and coordination.

Swimming teaches one to coordinate the movement of arms and legs as well as one's breathing. It also strengthens the back and core muscles, which help support your own weight. When your kids know how to swim, it’s easier for them to deal with other out-of-water situations that require strength and coordination.

4. Kids become more sociable.

Most swimming lessons are done in groups, and enrolling your kid in one is a great way for them to meet children of the same age and interests. Also, when they grow older, they’ll be invited to beach trips or pool parties, and not knowing how to swim will keep them from joining these activities.

kids develop better coordination and motion skills while learning swimming


5. It's a motivator and a confidence-booster.

Once a kid learns how to swim, he/she becomes more motivated to learn new techniques and to swim farther. They tend to be proud of their accomplishment and this gives them the confidence to socialise and interact with others.

6. It's an enjoyable experience for them.

Most children love spending time in the water and they squeal in delight when someone splashes water at them. This is a good opportunity for them to have a meaningful and fun experience in the water while spending quality time with you.

swimming lessons bring out the competitive spirit of kids


7. It brings out their competitive spirit.

Competitiveness teaches kids to strive even more and prove that they can surpass their best record while engaging in friendly competitions.

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